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Bluebox Delivery Equipment

At Bluebox Same Day Couriers we invest thousands of pounds on our delivery equipment for all conditions.  This page will show you more in depth information on what equipment we use to help deliver your goods.

Chose Your Weapon!

Innolift UK
The main tool Bluebox uses is the Innolift machine, this is used on all the vehicles and is the most important.  The Innolift is the ultimate courier delivery tool.  It can lift up to 600kg and can be transported with the goods in the vehicle.  The machine is evolving, we have 4 sizes which are designed for specific vehicles ranging from small vans to HGV's. We have the IL500 UK Multipurpose Machine for both Euro & Standard pallets, The Innolift Aero which is specifically designed for the Airline Industry and in 2020 Innolift will be launching several new machines including a machine that can lift over 1 tonne.  All machines are currently being used at Bluebox and when new models are launched they will be instantly invested in for Bluebox to continuously provide the best delivery service possible for our customers.

Domino Stair Climber
The second most important tool for Bluebox is the Domino Stair Climber.  This is paramount for awkward deliveries.  It can carry up to 400kg and can travel on most surfaces, inside and outside environments.  Please see below video of the Zonzini official demonstration video. 

The operation by joystick, which is alternatively separable from the handle, permits the administrator to move and direct overwhelming loads easily without having to coordinate contact to the gadget.


Innolift Multi purpose Machine New
Innolift with Aero Wheel
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Untitled design 5
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