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same day couriers

Bluebox Fulfillment Services

Bluebox has continued to expand into Fulfillment Services.  We provide a Warehouse Management System so that our customers can login, fully manage inventory, orders, sales and shipments with ease.  The Warehouse Management System can integrate with over 40 different e-commerce platforms and over 30 UK & Worldwide couriers.

Real Time Access
  • Live reporting - Inventory & Sales
  • Track shipments through the courier integrations
  • Automatic reports can be setup and sent daily, weekly or monthly
  • Alert notifications of out of stock, low stock or stock allocation changes

Barcode Scanning

  • Adjust stock locations, pallets or individual items
  • Goods In & Out Processing
  • Barcode Picking
  • Stock Control
  • Detailed Inventory Tracking
Detailed Inventory Tracking
  • Best Before Dates
  • Batch or Lot Control
  • Serial Numbers
  • Full Audit Trail
Bluebox Scanner 600 x 400
Bluebox Integrations
Courier Integrations Bluebox


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